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IQTrend AlgoTrader

IQTrend AlgoTrader is a strategy developed by us on the platform, which can be configured for automatic trading on various platforms and exchanges. When you purchase you also get a detailed instruction on how to connect and customize everything.

You can run this strategy on both spot and futures. In this case on average on spot this strategy brings automatically about 10-15% per month, on futures the result grows taking into account the leverage. In addition, you can activate long or short trading, or both long and short at the same time.

Below you can see how it looks like on the chart (APEUSDT, 5m):

When you activate a strategy you immediately get information about how it has worked before (backtest) on a specific currency and on a specific timeframe, so APEUSDT 5m will show you this result on spot trading for 2 months with an initial deposit of 2000 dollars (as well as other examples below):

You can also notice that the average profitability of the trades is 80%, which is a very good result for the distance!

You are probably wondering how this automated tool works on Bitcoin, which is less volatile than altcoins (5m, spot, 2 months results):

You can also look at a longer testing period by simply changing the timeframe and adjusting the strategy to it, so on SOLUSDT 4h for 4 years you could earn +616% on the spot and still have $16000 worth of profits open (all from $2000):

Below also showed for which period the SOLUSDT 4h backtest was conducted:

Can this strategy be customized for forex trading (stocks and currency pairs)? Although this strategy was developed and tested mainly for cryptocurrency trading you can also customize it for forex trading if you find a platform that allows you to connect webhook trading with

Below is an example of the strategy on TSLA stock on a 4h timeframe from 2011 to 2024 (without leverage):

So you can understand that this tool is a very promising automated assistant for every trader, especially since it can be used in different conditions and can be easily customized.

Buy it right now to automate your trading and start making passive profits!

* Past performance of this strategy does not guarantee future profits. All financial decisions are yours alone.

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